This is What You Need to Drive a Successful Career

Let your curiosity fuel your advancement.

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Are you willing to make one extra call? That extra effort will change the course of your journey. It’s why one of life’s most important lessons is to always, always, always Follow-up.

Following-up and checking in on someone, something or any kind of opportunity will make the difference between a successful career and an unsuccessful career. Here’s why:

Persistence is a requirement if you want to get ahead. Don’t ever mistake persistence for pushy. Don’t think you’re being a pest. Even if it feels tough inside to do it, do it anyway. Even if you’re afraid someone might ignore you, get upset at you or say things about you, don’t fear repercussions. Do it anyway.

Persistence matters as:

- A Chief Executive Officer looking to build an alliance to advance a new company strategy

- A Senior Vice President bargaining with a vendor to receive service support for a critical IT support function

- A junior employee looking to get promoted and advance her career by finding a champion within the organization to help her

- An entrepreneur looking to make a sale and following-up on a lead that seemed promising

- Landing a book deal after multiple attempts (please, see the career story of J.K. Rowling)

Backed by Research

According to NuGrowth Solutions, LLC, “92% of salespeople give up after no sales on the 4th call. 60% of customers say no four times before saying yes.”

Think about that — it’s a lesson in persistence and dedication to following through the sale.

I landed a speaking engagement with a Fortune 500 company that took me over one year of persistence, follow-up emails and calls. I questioned whether I was being pushy during the process. I don’t question my persistence now.

Staying committed is a matter of self-awareness and adaptability. Are you willing to stay the course and give things a shot? Or will you change course and stop following up right away?

Look at your career goals. Are you following up on what you want?

Are you pursuing the life and career you want? This likely requires you to check-in and follow-up on opportunities with people. Don’t sit around waiting. Don’t panic. Dedicate time to following up. This persistence is one of life’s most valuable skills.

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