The Most Important Principle for Building Your Personal Brand

“Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing.” — Abraham Lincoln

Crafting Your Brand

Branding is all about exporting our best qualities so they will be received positively and with admiration. We learn in life that while we may be able to control the message, we can’t always control how others perceive it. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs and creators struggle in the digital age because they try to fit into a box of what they think others think they should be, rather than who they truly are. Think about that:

Your Differentiators

As you progress in your branding approach, ask yourself this critical question: What’s your differentiator? In other words, what makes your message unique? If you just parrot what thought leaders and others say, your message will be easier to dismiss. The world doesn’t need duplicates — it needs innovators. Creative thought, inspired by others, turns into your own message that you can share with the world.

“Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.” — Elizabeth Arden

Then, you start building a reputation among the people that read, hear or see your message. They want to know more about you. They start forming opinions based on what you put out into the world. And that’s where repetition comes in, to solidify your character. While your views on life will change as you grow and expand your mind, you should always stay true to what makes you, you.

  • Someone who likes to keep things simple by extracting ideas and concepts and personalizing them for YOUR development
  • Someone who lives by values. Loves his family and the people around him. Loves himself in a self-care kind of way. Is grateful, kind and encouraging of others and wants them to tap into their potential. Puts you the consumer, first
  • Funny and willing to poke fun at himself. Eager to bring out the positive emotions in others in an effort to help them grow and make sense of who they truly are

Focus on What Makes You, You

“The way to gain good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” Socrates

If you live a virtuous life, if you treat others with respect, kindness and concern, then you already are more than halfway there. When it comes to crafting your goals for social media, your personal brand or any pursuit, give your all to concentrating on what you consider to be success. That’s the building of character right there. That’s how you build a brand you can be proud of.

You’re Here to Create. Build Your Brand.

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Author, Executive Coach & Emotional Intelligence Speaker; Seen on Fox, ABC, CNBC, etc.;

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Christopher D. Connors

Author, Executive Coach & Emotional Intelligence Speaker; Seen on Fox, ABC, CNBC, etc.;