The Incredible Power of Committing to What You Want

An active first step is only the beginning.

Christopher D. Connors
3 min readAug 30, 2021

10 years ago, I found myself on a professional track I knew in my heart could never yield the satisfaction I desired. I felt like I had everything I wanted professionally — at least to the outsider observer. But inside, I knew I was empty. Maybe you know the feeling.

It took time. But eventually, I was ready to do something about it.

I sat down at my dining room table and started to write a very basic list of the things I knew I wanted to do. The things I knew I wanted to be a part of my life.

It wasn’t a very complicated list. In fact, the hardest part was committing the words to paper. My list looked like this:

  • Get married
  • Become a father
  • Write a book
  • Coach basketball
  • Work with people I genuinely admire
  • Help people for a living

I knew it then- and 10 years later, I know now that it was one of the smartest commitments to action I’ve ever made in my life.

As wild as it may seem, I simply wasn’t on the career path I wanted. I wasn’t doing enough things that I loved. Things that stoked fire, passion and…