Koh Jia Jun I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the most sincere and heartfelt comments I’ve ever received from my writing. I’m really grateful that you took the time to write this. I intentionally do not write clickbait headlines because I want the quality of the writing and the authenticity of my purpose to matter most.

I know exactly what you mean about entering the workforce and feeling a real sense of shock. For people like you and me, we have to learn how to “keep our eyes on the prize” and follow our passions by any means necessary, while still doing what we can to educate ourselves and support ourselves (and families) financially. It’s possible that a research or academic position may be more your sweetspot? Keep learning, as you say. Just keep going and pursuing what excites and enthuses you. You’ll be rewarded greatly. Good luck!! — Chris

Author, Executive Coach & Emotional Intelligence Speaker; Seen on Fox, ABC, CNBC, etc.; http://chrisdconnors.com

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