Jon Westenberg I think this is well written and I acknowledge that from Start-to-Finish, there is no one-size fits all formula. Every journey is unique and different- that goes without saying. Ironically enough, I am writing a series now on The Mission entitled, The Formula That Leads to Wild Success.

I’d say that a formula or particular characteristics that lead to success are pretty universally shared. You, at least in a small dose, seem to diminish the importance of believing in oneself. Anyone who’s ever had even a modicum of success would acknowledge that faith- the belief in oneself- is imperative to succeeding. Without that, working hard doesn’t really make any sense. Hard work without direction or a positive attitude is pointless.

Planning, positive attitude, imagination and persistence? All those things could comprise a formula that would position anyone well for success. No guarantees but surely, these are all things we have control over.

Author, Executive Coach & Emotional Intelligence Speaker; Seen on Fox, ABC, CNBC, etc.;

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