Hi Tina- By psychological I meant, pertaining to our minds. I think you did a brilliant job of discussing much of what I meant to convey in your second point:

understanding of our internal drivers (motivations, values, emotions, rationales, thoughts, etc.) and how those things manifest in our everyday lives.

I was also thinking, there is likely some fascinating academic research around this topic. I’ve read some but I’d love to indulge in more.

I think that all of us have different talents. Depending on your definition of enlightened, I think some people have greater memories, higher EQ, etc. We’re all unique and I do think all of us have at least one talent that we’re meant to share with the world- something that we’re extremely “good” at.

I did read your post and really enjoyed it. You clearly have a perspicacious mind and an astute understanding of this topic! Enjoying this conversation!

Author, Executive Coach & Emotional Intelligence Speaker; Seen on Fox, ABC, CNBC, etc.; http://chrisdconnors.com

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