Excellent point, Scott. Honestly- one day, I’d love to actually do some field work around this — at minimum, a survey.

Very thought-provoking and I feel like I’ve seen what you wrote in action in many people’s lives. Namely, my own. But only for a while. I believe you are mostly right on this one. Where I’d push back slightly is in the “win-win,” simply because I think everyone who isn’t doing what they have a passion for eventually hits a tipping point. It may not happen in your 20s, 30s — heck maybe not even your 40s. But I think eventually, it hits you. I was just speaking this morning to a woman in her late 40s who is absolutely miserable in her job. Makes really good money. Drives a really nice car, etc. She is really unhappy. I can tell you that I’ve seen more of this personally. Would love to know more of what it looks like on a larger scale.

Author, Executive Coach & Emotional Intelligence Speaker; Seen on Fox, ABC, CNBC, etc.; http://chrisdconnors.com

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