Carole Taylor You’re 100% right when you say that combining your passion and money may not always be the best option. In so many ways, you’ve inspired me to continue to extract- out of myself- another column touching on this. I’d actually like to share one of my previous columns in this publication which touches a bit more on this subject. Thanks for your heartfelt response.

I feel like you’ve given all of us a lot of good things to think upon. Like you, I am also a parent with a full-time job that pays my bills. I’ve lived my life trying to pursue my dreams on the side, in the hope that they become my full-time paid gig. I acknowledge that they maybe never will. But I refuse to give up.

I also acknowledge that OPPORTUNITY plays an enormous role in all of this. Without the opportunity to dedicate the time and without the opportunity to have a larger platform, it’s very difficult to do things… I have no doubt you are a writer. You’re a writer because you write, whether you get paid or not. Payment is a great thing but in the end, that doesn’t take away from you being a writer. You being someone who has added positivity and joy to your life by writing.

Author, Executive Coach & Emotional Intelligence Speaker; Seen on Fox, ABC, CNBC, etc.;

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