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Finding your niche isn’t some fool’s errand. It’s far more intimate and bolder than that.

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Life is about finding your niche, finding your unique way to share yourself — your voice — with the world. Through love. Through enthusiasm and passion. And with purpose.

As you begin to accomplish your goals in 2021, you should have laser-focus on getting clear on what your “thing” is and then spending time and energy on this each day to make it something that brings you happiness, success and fulfillment.

There you go, that’s maybe an overly sentimental Hallmark card to a cynic, but it’s the honest truth from my heart to your smartphone or laptop screen. …

True Success isn’t as elusive as you may think. You need to know how to find it.

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A great place to learn about winning is from losers.


Yeah, that’s how you really learn what it’s like to win. You don’t learn nearly as much from the triumphs and celebrations. As someone that has lost many times as a college athlete, coach, businessman and human being in the world, I know that greatest losses lead to the greatest wins.

And the truth is, all of us will lose in life. There’s no such world that exists where winners perpetually reign supreme. …

A true hero’s story is what we need to start off 2021.

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Advancement toward peace of mind, happiness and fulfillment begins from within. We can search all our lives for answers to what will give us that extra “edge” but it is only when we turn inward toward our spiritual side that we find our peak potential. This is where raw growth and learning takes place.

It is here that we begin to build our inner core and start to explore the person we truly want to become. It’s here that we find our inspiration and reason for living that inspires us to the calling we’re meant to live.

There are challenges along the way. Some bigger than others. We’ll face adversity, setbacks, failures and mistakes. How we respond is often a function of what motivates us internally. We’re motivated by what inspires us. I want to tell the story of a remarkable young man whose example is a shining inspiration for all. …

Focus on solving people’s problems first.

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Nikola Tesla is a name that will be remembered forever. Why? Well, he was a genius. But more importantly, he produced remarkable innovations with the intention of adding value to the lives of future generations! Tesla was an altruistic inventor. His dream of sharing free energy with the world was never realized, but it was in the works purely for the benefit of mankind.

Nikola Tesla’s life mattered because he wanted to improve the way we live.

He challenged himself and kept pursuing bold, new innovations because he believed this was his reason for being. …

Emotional intelligence is a skill set you can master and use to positively influence your life.

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Does it ever feel good to turn the corner to 2021! And with that comes renewed hope, optimism and belief that we will have more control over outcomes this year.

It’s typical to begin this year with goals, resolutions and changes of habit that we believe will inspire us to do great things. No matter how clear our plans and actions are, we’re going to be affected by the environment and people around us. We’re going to need to rejuvenate and replenish our mindset with positive thoughts and to understand our needs better than before.

It’s why emotional intelligence matters so much — not just knowing what it means, but using its power to transform our mindset to accomplish what we want to most in 2021. …

Don’t make things complicated. Do this instead.

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The beginning of a new year is an opportunity to reinvent, renew and revamp our approach toward living our best life. It’s great for planning and refocusing our priorities. If you ended 2020 in the doldrums of despair and disappointment, please know you now have the ability to write a masterpiece this year.

The surest way to get there is by creating an inspirational routine that empowers and encourages you to create habits and plan your success for each day and week. It all starts with inspirational ideas.

Some of my best ideas, as well as my most productive planning and actions have taken place at this time of the year. In fact, the majority of the writing I’ve done for both of my books, including, The Value of You, occurred during the beginning of the year. …

Are you willing to create the blueprint for a great year?

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Let’s be real honest — a lot of people these days have problems with New Year’s Resolutions.

“That’s so old school!”

“I don’t need New Year’s Resolutions — I’m already doing ____.”

“They’re a waste of time!”

I’ve seen countless people on social media denounce this tried and true practice of using the change of calendar years to reset, take stock and start anew. Maybe it’s cool to do that now. What’s not cool is thinking these attempts at resolving to change our lives don’t matter.

Here’s why New Year’s Resolutions matter: We all get lost, immersed and sometimes trapped in what we’re doing. Whether it’s good, bad, productive or time wasted, we don’t often know it in the moment. This is why perspective is so important. It’s vital to our success that we take a step back, take inventory of what we’re doing, where we’re going and whether it’s the right thing for us. …

Abandoning one course and changing toward another can be one of the smartest decisions we make.

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Where are you going? Where have you been? Those are the two questions that continue to pop into my mind — of course, in first-person narrative — as we wind down to the final 80 hours of the year. I pose them now to you in the second-person, as big picture questions worth ruminating on as the calendar soon (mercifully!) turns from 2020 to 2021.

There was a lot of change in my life this year. Maybe there was in yours, as well. There’s no doubt, despite how challenging 2020 was, that more will come in 2021. I’ve learned to embrace change and love it. …

Begin by eliminating excuses and complaining.

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Get up! Get up, right now. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop searching for excuses. Get your butt moving. There’s work to do and a life to live that is far better than wallowing in disappointment or worse yet — despair. Consider this your personal, digital kick in the pants.

Heck of an intro, huh?!

Well, for me, laziness and motivation are personal. For years of my life, I pissed away time and let life take me on a wild ride by the seat of my pants. The result? Lost opportunities, mostly. …

There’s still time to change the road you’re on.

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In five weeks, we’ll be deluged with New Year’s resolutions, “Get back to the gym!” provocations and countless stories of encouragement of how to start out our year “on the right foot.” As if starting out on the left foot was such a bad thing. Poor attempt at humor, I know! Usually at this time of year, we’re just about ready for new beginnings.

But in order to start anew, we need to finish the job and close out what we’ve already started.

Whatever you’re working on, you’ve assigned a particular value to that use of your time. Likely, for good reason. You may have begun taking courses for your nursing degree. Perhaps you’ve just started writing here on Medium. You could be studying for a certification exam, developing a new app or learning a new language. Here’s my advice: make that your obsession. …

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